Gmail Mail Merge: Send Mass Emails with Gmail

Mail merge emails directly from Gmail. Send mass emails with Gmail that feel personal.

Rated 4.9 stars by over 3 million users
Mail Merge Gmail

Use Gmail's power for sending mass emails

Harnessing the world’s leading email provider to send simple, free and privacy-friendly mail merge in Gmail.

Save time sending emails with Gmail

Using mail merge makes reaching your entire contact list something that can be done in minutes, saving you from sending one email at a time.

Send personalized mass emails easily

Sending emails from Gmail shouldn't feel like mass emails. A mail merge is simple and straightforward, using the Google tools you already know how to use – like Gmail and Google Sheets – to reach multiple recipients with just one click.

Improve your email deliverability

It’s possible to reach unprecedented engagement thanks to a mail merge with Gmail. With a mail merge, you can hit a 80% to 90% open rate – all thanks to each email being sent from official Gmail servers.
How Mail Merge works in Gmail

Sending emails to multiple recipients has never been easier

Gmail mail merge can help businesses and individuals drive their emails to reach more people than ever before.

A simple mail merge that lives inside Gmail

Gmail mail merges are integrated with Google itself, working with the Google tools you’re already familiar with. You can create and manage contact lists in Google Sheets and send multiple emails from your existing Gmail account, including personalized messages.

Gmail inbox after sending a mail merge

Increase your email deliverability by 60%

Your emails will be sent straight from your Gmail account, giving them authority when reaching large contact lists. The Gmail servers provide extra deliverability, increasing the chances of your emails reaching the inbox rather than the spam folder. Email campaigns are sent at an optimized rate to prevent any spam issues. You can even personalize email throttling to decide the perfect schedule for your emails.

Gmail deliverability

Send mass emails that feel personal with Gmail

Use your own account to send bulk emails – all without your contacts knowing they’re part of a mail list. Mass personalization tools ensure every single message that comes from your account feel genuine and targeted.

Gmail personalization

Get Mail Merge for Gmail

Super easy-to-use, built to respect your privacy, and higher-rated than any mail merge tool for Gmail. Install now for free.

Rated 4.9 stars by over 3 million users

Know when emails reach their target with Gmail tracking

Take advantage of email tracking functionality that tells you when, and how many, of your emails are opened and received in real time – letting you know which of your emails in your mail merge work and which don’t.

Gmail tracking

Create a newsletter in Gmail within minutes

Using Gmail’s impressive messaging tools to create attractive and imaginative newsletter designs – and then use a Gmail mail merge to reach all of your newsletter recipients in one go, keeping your contacts informed and in the know.

Gmail newsletter

Preview every mail merge before it goes through Gmail

Preview functions enable you to check on how each email reads before you get it sent off, helping you to avoid costly errors and ensure that you are getting your message across in the right way for your recipients.

Mail Merge Gmail preview

Get Mail Merge for Gmail

Super easy-to-use, built to respect your privacy, and higher-rated than any mail merge tool for Gmail. Install now for free.

Rated 4.9 stars by over 3 million users

Manage your contact easily from Google Sheets

Use spreadsheets, hosted in Google Sheets, to fill in your contacts for mail merges – allowing you to create databases and include key information to keep your emails running smoothly.

Emails from Google Sheets

Add attachments to your Gmail mail merge

Got a picture, file or a presentation you need to send to multiple recipients? Mail merge extensions in Gmail allow you to add both group and individual attachments to your mail merges to get your important files sent on time and in one go.

Gmail merge attachments

Put your Gmail mail merge on Autopilot

Use your extension’s autopilot mode to schedule mail merges, allowing you to send mail merges that go beyond Gmail’s recipient limit – enabling you to reach a bigger and wider audience than ever before.

Send emails on Autopilot
Gmail mail merge features

Easily send personalized email campaigns from Gmail

Discover all features offered by our Gmail mail merge add-on that will save you time sending emails.

Mail Merge Gmail

Email multiple recipients at once

Gmail tracking

Track emails in real-time, know when emails are opened or clicked.

Personalize Gmail

Send mass emails in Gmail that feel personal.

Preview emails

Avoid any mail merge mistakes.

Schedule mail merges

Decide when emails will be sent, set a specific date and time.

Add attachments and invidiual files

Attach all kinds of files to your emails and even send personalized attachments.

Send from your email alias

Use your email alias to send emails from another account.

Auto follow-up with Gmail

Send email sequences in Gmail to get more replies!

Integrate with your CRM

Log conversations in your favorite CRM platform such as Hubspot or Salesforce.


I have never used a mail merging tool before. I was hesitant because I really wanted people to open my emails, but just I couldn't send them one email at a time anymore. It was really easy to configure and use. The reporting tools are fantastic too and the email open rate surpassed my expectations!

Sarah Williams, CEO at Workcation

How it works

Mail merge in Gmail, made simple

Mail Merge lets you easily personalize your emails sent with Gmail. You can send personalized emails to thousands of people from within Gmail and Google Sheets.

1) Start by adding contacts in Google Sheets gathering all the recipients you'd like to reach out.

2) With the built-in personalization, Mail Merge in Gmail helps you send out mass emails while keeping a personal touch. It's great for sending email newsletters, birthday messages, invitations to events, customer satisfaction surveys, campaign updates - anything where you want each email to feel as though it's sent personally by you.

3) Send personalized, one-to-one emails within seconds. Create bulk email campaigns using a Google Sheets, right inside Gmail!

Frequently asked questions

Have some questions about Gmail mail merge? Let us help you out!

What is a mail merge in Gmail?
A mail merge is a method for sending multiple emails to multiple recipients all at the same time. Manually sending an individual email for every recipient in a contact list can be long and time-consuming – mail merges let you reach those recipients without them ever knowing they were part of a mailing list. In short, they’re a quick and easy way to reach large audiences with your emails.
How do I send a personalized mass email in Gmail?
To send a personalized mass email in Gmail, you’ll need a mail merge extension. These mail merge extensions often have a personalization feature that can help you tailor each email on a contact list to the individual recipient – helping to improve open rates and often deliverability too.
Is there a free mail merge for Gmail?
There are a number of free mail merge tools available for Gmail. One of the best free mail merge for Gmail is Mailmeteor, the top-rated extension for mail merge on the Google Marketplace.
What is the best mail merge tool for Gmail?
The best-rated mail merges for Gmail is Mailmeteor, an extension used by over 3 million individuals and businesses to reach hundreds of recipients with every click. With personalization, real-time tracking and more, Mailmeteor is a reliable and cost-effective mail merge solution for Gmail.
Is mail merge safe?
Mail merge for Gmail is completely safe provided that you use the right mail merge extension. Before installing any mail merge software for Gmail, make sure to review all permissions required by the add-ons. Some mail merge add-ons will ask to read, modify or delete permanently your emails, which can seem a bit invasive just to send emails on your behalf. Software such as Mailmeteor require only the most minimal of privacy permissions to function which means that your information, and more importantly, the information of your recipients is kept safe and secure.

Get Mail Merge for Gmail

Super easy-to-use, built to respect your privacy, and higher-rated than any mail merge tool for Gmail. Install now for free.

Rated 4.9 stars by over 3 million users